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While doing research, I came across a couple articles that interested me. They were only available as scanned images, which were not searchable, or able to be machine translated. To aid the spread of information, I have made them available here in their original languages, and their English translations. I can only claim credit for translating Primitive Wurzeln der Primzahlen von der Form 2qλ + 1, in Welcher q=1 Oder Eine Ungerade Primzahl Ist (Primitive Wurzeln der Primzahlen von der Form.docx and Translated_Primitive Wurzeln der Primzahlen von der Form.docx), as Sur les congruences binômes exponentielles à base 3 et sur plusieurs nouveaux théorèmes relatifs aux résidus et aux racines primitives (Par M_Bouniakowsky.docx and To_be_Translated_Par M_Bouniakowsky.docx) was translated for me by Robert C. Poynter.

I only know English, so it was a bit of a chore to translate using only a dictionary, but Google Translate was not available. Thankfully I was able to make an Excel spreadsheet (Translation_Help.xlsx) that helped automate the process. I first made a master list of all the different words used, then their possible translations went into the next column. On another sheet, I broke a sentence up so each word was in its own cell, and below it, it’s possible translations were found automatically using the VLOOKUP function.

I look forward to using the Google Translate App the next time I want to read something in another language.

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